Chord SHAWCAN Headphone CABLE: Upgrade Your ‘Phones

23rd March 2017

The Chord Company has launched the ShawCan headphone upgrade cables, the first ever headphone product from the outfit

A variety of ShawCan cable terminations are available: 6.3mm stereo to 3.5mm stereo; 6.3mm to Lemo (Focal Utopia); 6.3mm to Sennheiser HD800/HD800s); 6.3mm to MrSpeaker connector (Ether range and AEON Range); 6.3mm to 2-pin (for IEMs) and 6.3mm to 2x 3.5mm mono.

ShawCan features silver-plated conductors with PTFE insulation. The shield is a composite design that doesn’t just shield but helps to minimise unwanted mechanical noise.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 10.08.42

The conductors are enclosed in a black outer jacket that is more than just a braid to tidy the conductors: the jacket is actually designed to further reduce mechanical noise.

The Chord Company has been able to adapt its Super ARAY conductor geometry to work with a headphone cable.

ShawCan is available now in 1.5m lengths as standard, custom lengths available to order.

3.5mm or ¼” Jack to 3.5mm (mono pair or stereo): £275

3.5mm or ¼” Jack to any other connector: £350

Additional metre cost: £80

To learn more call 01980 625700 or click on