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Chord launches Clearway, a low-cost speaker cable

The Chord Company has launched Clearway, a low-cost speaker cable that replaces the Carnival SilverScreen.

It borrows key ideas from recent development projects and uses FEP: a derivative of PTFE with very similar performance characteristics. The FEP-insulated conductors are built from multi-strand oxygen-free copper and are arranged in a twisted-pair configuration to reduce interference. The two conductors are then protected with a layer of soft PVC (which was chosen over polyethylene because of its flexibility), in order to correctly space the shielding in relation to the conductors and to minimise any mechanically induced noise.

Chord Clearway speaker cable features two contra-wound high-density foil shields. Finally, a clear protective PVC jacket is applied.

Price is £10 per metre, unterminated with various factory termination options.

To learn more, call 01980 625700 and clic on www.chord.co.uk.

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    9th January 2021 at 12:23 am

    I got these before new year’s eve. I ordered them as replacement to a pair of “audioquest rocket 22”, which turned out to be too thick for the poorly designed speaker terminals at the back of my rig. I couldn’t even fit them back in after relocating my hi-fi. The new ‘clearway’ are hooked up with my Denon Ceol N10 and Dali Zensor 1. And I can already tell the difference compared to the old audioquest G2 I had been using for years. Better sound-stage, dynamics, mid-range detail and instrument separation. They hold very well at higher volume with no audible distortion. Compared to the slightly more expensive rocket 22, they are a bit more polite providing less attack but they are more musical, easier on the ear for longer listening sessions. Out of the box they sounded a bit murky and thin on the bass. They gradually opened up more every day. In fact, chord company recommend at least 96 to 100 hours of regular use before they reach top performance (burn in period). It can only get better! What hi-fi and Richer Sounds are right!

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