Hugo TT 2 DAC/head amp From Chord Electronics

10th May 2018

Chord Electronics has revealed the Hugo TT 2, its next-generation Table-Top (TT) DAC/headphone amplifier

It is based upon new Artix 7 FPGA chip, custom-coded by Chord Electronics’ Digital Design Consultant, Rob Watts plus large power reserves via a new “super-capacitor-based power supply unit” designed to drive “even the most difficult headphones”.

The Hugo TT 2 offers five times the processing power of the original Hugo TT (offering a 98,304-tap 16FS WTA 1 filter) and deploys 86x 208MHz DPS cores in parallel to create the WTA filters.

The Hugo TT 2 eschews the battery supply used in its predecessor and instead uses six super caps in the power supply unit, capable output currents of 5A and 9.3V RMS.

Hugo TT 2 DAC/head amp From Chord Electronics

In addition theHugo TT 2 also benefits from a number of external improvements such as HD USB-B, two optical and two coaxial BNC (up from one each on the original) plus extended-range aptX Bluetooth. Three headphone outputs are also included: two 6.35mm and one 3.5mm, with simultaneous operation.

The casework has been “significantly redesigned” to include front-panel buttons (i.e. Menu, Set and Power) to cycle between and select filtering and crossfeed modes plus switch inputs and control power. The new design also includes a larger, top-mounted viewing window for the internal circuits, a larger volume control sphere plus an improved LED display. The device retains its remote control functionality sharing a handset with Hugo 2.

Further outputs include balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA analogue connections plus dual BNC DX outputs for use with future Chord Electronics’ devices.

Hugo TT 2 DAC/head amp From Chord Electronics

The new Hugo TT 2 now offers user-selectable audio controls, accessible both on the front panel and remote control, including a four-stage filter.

For headphone listening, the Hugo TT 2 retains the digital crossfeed function of the original and offers three operation modes (min to max) from its dedicated control sphere.

Hugo TT 2 DAC/head amp From Chord Electronics

The galvanically isolated HD USB-B connection is capable of decoding 768kHz PCM data and DSD 512. The unit’s two optical TOSLink inputs are 24bit/192kHz-capable (with the appropriate source and cabling) and the dual BNC coaxial inputs are 24bit/768kHz-capable for connection to Chord Electronics’ M-Scaler technology as seen in the BLU MKII digital/CD transport.

Hugo TT 2 DAC/head amp From Chord Electronics

Hugo TT 2 can be used in pure DAC mode, enabled for high-power (including low- and high-gain modes) when headphones are connected or used in amp mode for use as a digital preamp or when directly driving efficient loudspeakers.

Hugo TT 2 DAC/head amp From Chord Electronics

Price is around £3,996

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