Chora Speaker Range from Focal 

6th September 2019

Chora replaces the Chorus range and uses Slatefiber, its new bespoke speaker driver alongside a thermoplastic polymer, with non-woven recycled carbon fibres 

The Chora line consists of the 826, 816 floorstanders and the 806 bookshelf speakers. All bass-reflex designs, in addition to the Slatefiber speaker drivers, they feature a TNF Aluminium/Magnesium tweeter.

Chora Speaker Range from Focal 

Chora loudspeakers are available in Black, Light Wood and Dark Wood finishes. 

Chora Speaker Range from Focal 

Prices are:

  • 806 standmount speakers – £599 per pair
  • 816 floorstanding speakers – £1,099 per pair
  • 826 floorstanding speakers – £1,299 per pair
  • Dedicated 806 Stands – £199 per pair

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