B&W Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones: Working With You

4th October 2017

Featured in the new headphones are a range of sensors work with you during play. Hence, place the unit on your head and the headphones turn on, take them off and the headphones enter standby mode. Life an ear cup or place the headphones around your neck to enter pause mode

Features include Bluetooth aptX support with an sampling facility to 24bit/768kHz

The design also offers 22 hour battery life.

Featuring Made from ‘ballistic nylon’ around the ear cups, the noise cancelling includes three filters…

Flight to block out engine noise and minimise cabin sounds…

City to reduce city noise but keep you aware of your surroundings and…

Office to limit background chatter but tune into nearby discussions.

A free app allows you to tweak noise cancellation modes and filter.

Price is £329

To learn more, click www.bowers-wilkins.co.uk