iFi Ear Buddy: Keep Your Bits To Yourself

28th September 2017


Based on the original iFi audio iEMatch, the Ear Buddy has been created for any headphone user

The Ear Buddy is a plug-and-play device that attenuates the output of your device so that you can listen at reasonable volumes – without damaging your ears , “…while maintaining the true resolution of your source material,” said he company.

By attenuating the output of your device and letting you use the full digital volume (without losing ‘bits’ which often happens when a DAC is heard at less than full volume), Ear Buddy gives you music at full audio resolution no matter what  the volume.

It includes, 6N Copper matrix signal cabling, a gold-plated circuit board with “premium components (eg MELF resistors)”, gold-plated 3.5mm male/female connectors and a price of £20.

To learn more, click www.ifi-audio.com