BT5 Bluetooth Speaker From Audio Pro 

26th July 2019

Swedish outfit announces a new Bluetooth, powered speaker

A new Bluetooth speaker powered by a D Class amplifier, the new BT5 features a 19mm tweeter plus a 102mm mid/bass driver. A bass reflex port sits in the accompanying chassis while a fabric grill sits out front.

BT5 Bluetooth Speaker From Audio Pro 

This unit fits into the company’s array of other Bluetooth speakers plus Sonos-busting multi-room speaker units. The aim being to provide you with a full suite of wireless options.

BT5 Bluetooth Speaker From Audio Pro 

Spanning 134 x 250 x 150mm, the unit offers Bluetooth 4.0 plus a 3.5mm Aux input and is offered in a selection of finishes: beach-washed driftwood, rich walnut and polished black wood effect. Which sounds very Jasper Conran.

“Styled-upon the recent design-trend for reused wood and natural materials, each finish has a pleasing appeal that sets it apart from the more traditional block colours, with the aim to attract a wider audience.”

See? You could be reading that now while standing in Debenhams.

“Driftwood gives the feel of sun-bleached summer days and smooth, flowing motion of the waves, adding a nostalgic…”

Yada, yada, yada…which emphasises that this particular speaker is aimed right between the eyes of the lifestyle user and at Sonos’ bank balance.

BT5 Bluetooth Speaker From Audio Pro 

Out now, you can pick up a BT5 for £150 each.

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