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Bryston Active System: From the Outside In

Bryston has announced its Active Loudspeaker lineup, featuring three speaker models – Model T Active, Middle T Active and Mini T Active – mated to a DSP-enabled active crossover and Cubed Series Bryston amplifiers

Two new amplifier models, the 3-channel 21B3 and 6-channel 24B3 have been created especially for the Bryston Active systems.

Bryston Go Active: From the Outside In

The Bryston Active system features both loudspeakers and electronic components. At the heart of every Bryston Active system is the BAX-1 crossover, containing proprietary software for each active loudspeaker model.

The BAX-1 receives a full-range analogue audio signal from the preamplifier and performs the three-way crossover functionality and driver correction for each channel, also applying any user-selected filters for tailoring the bass response of the loudspeakers. The signal is then sent to each amplifier channel. Like all Bryston digital components, the BAX-1 is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Bryston Go Active: From the Outside In

I did wonder about the company’s decision to feature all of the active kit outside of the speaker cabinets. I’m used to seeing actives fully enclosed, as it were, where the signal paths can be short (if not sweet). As it was, this Bryston system looked like a vanilla hi-fi (albeit, an expensive one). So I asked Bryston about its design direction on this one and it replied with, “The technical definition of an active speaker is one with the crossover before the amps, not after. The whole point of the Bryston solution was NOT to do the amp/crossover in the speaker, which is typically compromised due to space constraints. The benefits we achieve with the BAX-1 far outweigh any minute signal loss due to cables. We were not too worried about consumer perception, which has panned out as audiophiles have embraced our concept and begun ordering this product.”

The BAX-1 is, thus, a critical part of the system. Arguably, it is the core of the active system. Hence, if you have an interest in this set-up, you really need to check out the BAX-1 in much more detail than I have here. Click HERE for that information.

Bryston Go Active: From the Outside In

Two 21B3 amplifiers are required to drive a pair of Bryston Active Loudspeakers. The Bryston 24B3 is a single chassis solution offering 6-channels of amplification. Delivering less total system power than two 21B3s, the 24B3 is suited for the Middle T Active and Mini T Active systems. Both amplifiers are connected using colour-coded wiring and both models are available with silver or black faceplate, 17-inch (without handles) or 19-inch (with handles). In addition to the 21B3 and 24B3, Bryston Active systems can be built around any combination of amplifiers from the Bryston lineup. All Bryston amplifiers are backed by a 20-year warranty.

All Bryston Active Loudspeakers are available in Black Ash, Natural Cherry and Boston Cherry.

The Model T Active is a 1.3m tall floor-standing three-way loudspeaker featuring three high-excursion 203mm woofers, two 133mm midranges and two 25mm tweeters. The Middle T Active is a 1m floor-standing three-way loudspeaker featuring two high-excursion 203mm woofers, a 133mm midrange and a 25mm tweeter. The Mini T Active is a large 57cm bookshelf speaker. The Mini T Active features a high-excursion 203mm woofer, a 133mm midrange and a 25mm tweeter. All Bryston loudspeakers are backed by a 20-year warranty.

Bryston Go Active: From the Outside In

The Bryston Model T Active system, comprised of the BAX-1, a pair of 21B3 amplifiers and a pair of Model T Active loudspeakers is priced at $33,770 and will be available in the early part of this year (2018). The Bryston Middle T Active system, including the BAX-1, a 24B3 amplifier and a pair of Middle T Active loudspeakers is priced at $20,230 and will be available in the second quarter of 2018. The Bryston Mini T Active system, featuring the BAX-1, a 24B3 amplifier and a pair of Mini T Active loudspeakers has a price of $17,690 and will also become available in that second quarter of 2018 too.

To learn more, click www.bryston.com or call 001 705 742 5325

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  • Reply
    John Hutchinson
    31st January 2018 at 12:50 pm

    I thought that there was a conflict between Bryston’s speakers and the fact that PMC distributed their products in the UK.

    • Reply
      Paul Rigby
      31st January 2018 at 1:09 pm

      Hi John – I don’t think PMC offers an active system for home use, especially a very high-end system like this Bryston thing. Also, I have yet to hear if this Bryston system be on sale in the UK anyway. Waiting on an answer to that.

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