Broken Website: Where’s my Glue?

4th April 2023

You may have recently noted a glitch or two in the Force that is The Audiophile Man. That and more during news at 11…

So I posted a video on my YouTube channel on Friday and all was well. The website was a little slow, sure but hey, ’tis the rollercoaster life of a Broadband rodeo rider.

And then on Saturday morning, YouTube told me that an image I had used within that same video contravened their rules. YouTube thought the image was pretty obscene.

The image formed part of the sleeve art for a new rarities CD, from the original Nirvana, the UK psychedelia group. Let me post it below, so you can share YouTube’s horror (ahhh, that’s not working, ok well I’ll talk about that in a moment. Here’s a link though so you can see the art for yourself:

As you can see, the image represents the hardest of hardcore porn. So hard it’s made from marble. That’s how hard it is, folks. Pretty disgraceful, isn’t it? I’m sure you recall a recent news item which featured a similarly horrific story. Odd how these things string along together isn’t it?

So my video was censored. Only 18s and over could view this despicable image. And I certainly agree. We don’t want to corrupt anyone out there with Grecian or Romanesque porn sculptures do we now, eh?

In an effort to re-establish a wider audience though, I took down the original video and posted a ‘snipped’ version, sans Nirvana debacle.

I was then about to tell you all here about the new link and guess what? My website died. Apparently, my server decided to upgrade their software. It was so good, in fact, it was catastrophic. Either that or I was hit by a YouTube assassin. Whatever it was, my website then fell over. Hence, I could no longer post the new link. In fact, I could no longer post anything.

You may have experienced glitches because of that and for that? I apologise. So my noble website management team sprung into action to fix matters but the damage was not minor. Hence, it has taken a while to get this far. The main problem is not the interface you’re now hopefully enjoying, it’s my admin side of things. From your perspective, everything should be normal. I’m still having issues, on my admin side though. Which is why there’s no images connected to this rather text-heavy posting.

Oh and for those who wonder what Patreon is all about? This kind of thing. Like an early 90s PC, upgrading any app on a website or the server itself is one of the most dangerous things you can do. So I pay a fee to my website angels to step in when problems occur (and they often so, you just don’t hear about them) and Patreon helps fund that, along with many other subscriptions related to my site. But anyway…

I am stepping gingerly around the shrapnel at the moment. So please bear with me and be patient. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Oh and here’s the newly sanitised video for you, if you need it because the original video has been taken down: