Black Rhodium ARIA DCT++ CS interconnect: treated with DCT++cryogenic processing treatment

21st May 2015

The new ARIA DCT++ CS interconnect is treated with DCT++cryogenic processing treatment, involving temperature processing above and below room temperature. The DCT++ process alters the molecular structure of the cable to improve uniformity.

In addition to DCT++, ARIA DCT++ CS is also treated with the Crystal Sound Process, which refocuses the outermost skin of the conductor. The result is that the surface of the conductor is more closely packed and regular and has a continuity which aids conduction through removal of voids left by the drawing process.

‘Transient Phase Distortion’ is reduced by using thicker insulation than is usual in interconnect cables, increasing the distance between conductors. This reduces the magnetic field seen in each conductor wire as a result of the magnetic field created by the current in the other conductor wire.

It employs a conductive low microphony layer that reduces the tribo-electric effects that occurs when friction between the screen and the insulation creates an electrical charge. By separating the screen and insulation by a special conductive layer, the charge is quickly dissipated. This prevents microphonic noise voltages between the screen and conductor being generated.

Stereo terminated with rhodium plated RCA connectors from £800.00 (for 0.5m), digital terminated with rhodium plated RCA connectors is from £500.00 (for 0.5m), stereo pair terminated with rhodium plated XLR connectors £1000 (for 1m) & digital terminated with rhodium plated XLR connectors from £600 (for 1m)

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