Ruark Audio BackPack II: Wired For Sou…Oh, Hang On…

16th December 2016

BackPack II transforms the R1 tabletop radio and the MR1 wireless speakers into completely portable products


It frees them from the mains power socket. BackPack II attaches to R1 and MR1 and once fitted can be left permanently in place as it charges automatically whenever the music systems are connected to a mains power supply and delivers up to 12 hours of mains free listening depending on volume.


To attach BackPack II, you unplug the mains adapter from the R1 or MR1 and then position the unit on the rear of the music system. Push the DC output connector into the power socket and then secure using the Allen Key and two screws provided.


To charge, connect the R1 or MR1 mains adapter to the DC input socket on the underbelly of the BackPack II. A small green LED illuminates when BackPack II is charging and turns off when 100% charged.


Using the latest Lithium-Ion battery technology, BackPack II is priced of £60.


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