Densen B-250CAST Reference Pre Amp: With Added Google 

29th April 2017

A new 2-channel preamp with Google CAST streaming capability

The amplification stages are all developments based on Class A designs while the output stage is a dual mono. The Densen B-250CAST has a dedicated Densen Cast power supply for the Google Cast receiver plus a dedicated optical input. Densen has even developed a dedicated power cord to connect Google Cast to the B-250CAST preamp along with a  Toslink cable to complete the setup which is also optimised for use between the unit and Google Cast.

Other details include the volume control, which is controlled by a Vishay metal film resistors model, switched by relays and controlled by the microprocessor, containing 200 steps. The B-250CAST also contains a socket for the DP-07 MM RIAA stage. There is also the possibility of upgrading the B-250CAST with the DNRG, 1NRG or 2NRG external power supply.


The digital signal from Google Cast is converted to analogue using the built-in DAC of the Densen. The unit’s DAC supports 24bit/192kHz resolution: higher resolution than Google’s Cast delivers, allowing for future upgrades.


Finally, NAS drives are supported as storage, using BubbleUPnP and other similar programs, the unit has a built-in mains filter, while the three transformers are encapsulated, the circuit board is Teflon isolated and the accompanying solder is silver based while all solderings are done in an athmosphere of nitrogen, to avoid oxidation.

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