Kimber Axios USB cable from Russ Andrews

26th September 2017

The Axios USB is a 2.0 format USB cable which has been designed from the ground up, reflecting, “particular care and attention being paid to the shielding of the data and power conductors,” said the company.

The 24AWG data cables are shielded independently of the power lines, with a silver-plated copper shield that covers 95% of the cable which, within the USB plugs, is bonded to the inner circumference via a mechanical crimp and silver-doped conductive epoxy.

The power lines consist of eight wires that are woven to “reject extraneous noise”. The design and construction means that it can be used in lengths up to 6.0m, where most cables are limited to a maximum length of 5.0m.

Each Axios USB cable is hand-built at Kimber’s facility in Ogden, Utah and takes a full two days to produce. The USB plugs can be specified as Type A, B, C or Micro B. Connection configurations are to be specified at the time of ordering and can be A to B, A to Micro B, A to C or C to C.

Kimber Axios USB starts at £710 for 0.5m.

For more information, click on or call 01539 797300