AX Series CD, Amps & Receivers From Cambridge

7th June 2019

Designed and engineered in the UK, the new AX series from Cambridge consists of two CD players, two integrated amplifiers and two stereo receivers

Within the AX range, the AXC and AXA ranges will be available from Cambridge Audio and Amazon from mid June 2019. The AXR range will be available from July 2019.


The AXC25 arrives with a single analogue RCA output and remote control in Lunar grey and black. The  AXC35 adds the option of a coaxial digital audio output.


The AXA25 integrated stereo amplifier offers 25W, four analogue RCA inputs, a single RCA output and a USB port with 5V 500mA of power for adding a Bluetooth receiver plus a 3.5mm auxiliary stereo input on the front panel.

AX Series CD, Amps & Receivers From Cambridge

The AXA35 offers 35W. It’s supplied with a remote control and white display screen, a phono stage input and a 6.3mm headphone output. Both amplifiers come in the AX range’s Lunar gray and black colour scheme.


The AXR85 stereo receiver provides 85W of power, is able to drive two stereo speaker zones and comes with three analogue RCA inputs, a phono stage input and subwoofer outputs, a 3.5mm auxiliary input and 6.3mm headphone output up front, FM/AM tuner and built-in Bluetooth receiver for wireless streaming.

AX Series CD, Amps & Receivers From Cambridge

The AXR100 stereo receiver adds digital inputs (two optical and one coaxial) while increasing the power output to 100W.

AX Series CD, Amps & Receivers From Cambridge


AXC25 CD player – £229

AXC35 CD player – £299

AXA25 integrated amplifier – £229

AXA35 integrated amplifier – £299

AXR85 stereo receiver – £349

AXR100 stereo receiver – £449

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