AX-505 integrated amplifier From Teac

7th May 2019

Based upon a TEAC-tuned Ncore module by Hypex, the 115W + 115W output is packed into a A4-sized chassis, the amplifier uses MUSES8920 op-amps and an independent resistor ladder-type volume control

A toroidal-core power transformer with Schottky barrier diodes can be found inside as can a CCLC headphone amplifier circuit with an accompanying 3.5mm socket supporting a ‘ground-separate’ connection.

The rather nice VU meters can be tweaked with a 4-step dimmable backlight control.

Other features include XLR balanced analogue input, three sets of unbalanced RCA analogue audio inputs with a wide-pitch connector layout plus a remote control. Price is £1399.99 in silver or black.

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