AVM Ovation PA 8.2 flagship Modular Preamp

5th October 2017

The PA 8.2 features modular plug in cards. You can select from phono or digital inputs, FM tuner and two variants of line level inputs. The output can also be switched between solid state or valve based

The chassis unit features an AVM-developed fully linear power supply, with three separate feeds for the analogue and digital domains of the unit.

The chassis is also equipped with a smart control unit that manages all functions of the plug-in modules and the amplifier, automatically adapting the menu functions depending on the modules installed.

All Ovation series Plug-In modules use individual voltage. Non-operating modules are automatically muted, so for example, a Digital Card may be placed next to a highly sensitive Phono stage, “…without experiencing any detrimental effects,” said the company.

Five input modules are available: The Line Input module with one pair of balanced (XLR) and one pair of unbalanced (RCA/Cinch) inputs.

The Line Input Tone Module adds tone control functionality. The Phono stage is designed for MM and MC systems and is configured via the menu on the front panel of the device.

The DAC option includes the Ovation Ultra DAC which has an USB (asynchronous), two S/PDIF coaxial, an S/PDIF optical inputs and supports PCM files up to 32bit/384kHz, DSD files up to 5.6MHz (DSD128). An FM Tuner module is also included.

The PA 8.2 arrives with two distinctive options. The Tube Output module features exclusive AVM 803 T Tube Technology while the Solid-State Output option is provided with AVM Ovation transistor technology.

Both cards are equipped with a pair of balanced and a pair of unbalanced stereo outputs which can be even operated at the same time.

They also both feature a high-end volume control unit placed at the very last stage of the signal path. The PA 8.2 now also features a Class-A headphone amplifier. Price is £8,450

Click www.avm-audio-uk.com or its UK distributor www.pmc-speakers.com