Avid Reference Subwoofer: designed to compliment the Reference Four loudspeaker

21st April 2017

Weighing in at 140kg and offering 120W of power with an aluminium construction, the new Avid subwoofer includes a pair of 305mm drive Units plus DSP room correction

You can make adjustments to the DSP Room correction from the comfort of your listening chair using the iPhone Wi-Fi remote control app, controlling PEQs, HPF, LPF, Phase, Sub Tuning and Mains Delay through the DSP.

AVID_Sub with Ref4

There’s PC-based GUI software that enables full access to the DSP functions including a built-in Auto Room EQ function and microphone for room calibration.

Manual operation via single-knob control panel with high-contrast LCD display and status LEDs are included plus XLR and RCA connections. Price is £20,000.

To learn more, click www.avidhifi.com