Austrian Audio Hi-X15 & Hi-X25BT

24th August 2021

The new Hi-X15 closed-back headphones and the Bluetooth-equipped Hi-X25BT can be used for home use or, in fact, for Pro use 

The Austrian Audio X15 wired version includes a detachable 1.4m cable with a 3.5mm termination but you also get a 6.35mm adaptor. It weighs in at 255g without the cable.

Hi-X25BT [above] Hi-X15 [top]
The Bluetooth version arrives with a USB-C cable for wired listening that ends also in a 3.4mm termination plus adaptor. Useful if the headphone’s lithium polymer battery goes down. That weighs in at 270g without any cable attached.

The Bluetooth version, which include touch controls incidentally, has a 30 hour play time and runs on Bluetooth 5.0.

Presented with a foldaway chassis fired with a durable all-metal hinge and bow, if you happen to get a call while wearing the headphones, you can answer it with the built-in microphone.

Based upon Austrian Audio’s 44mm Hi-X (High Excursion) technology, both units have a 25 Ohm impedance.

The earpads are made of soft memory foam.

Out in August in Europe and Asia and September in the US, prices are £135 in the UK, $179 in the US and €149 in Europe for the Bluetooth X25BT headphones or £89, $119 or €99 for the X15 wired version. 

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