20th January 2023

A quick update regarding future reviews. Quite a few readers here and social media platforms, including YouTube, have noted the arrival of the 9000CDT from Audiolab


They have all given me a nudge in the ribs about a possible review and I did say that I had placed a review request with the company, Audiolab.

Well, it’s on the way! Not only is it on the way but – so the company says – I will have the very first UK review of the machine! Yay me, right?


But that ain’t all. I may also have the first UK review of the Audiolab 6000A amplifier upgrade, the 9000A too! (I’ve never used so many exclamation marks in my life.)

If that does come to pass (and they arrive in one piece) then I’ll probably do one a week. So expect a full review of the 9000CDT first as a video review with a text version to follow. That initial video version should arrive a week on Sunday. Then the 9000A the following Sunday.

Well…who’d have thought it?