Audiolab 8300CD: successor to the 8200CD and CDQ CD player

21st November 2015

Audiolab has announced the successor to the 8200CD and CDQ CD player. The 8300CD replaces both players.

Like its predecessor, the 8300CD is built around the Sabre32 9018, with 512 DAC elements (256 per channel) each operating at 84.672MHz. All digital audio sources, whatever the sample rate, are upsampled or oversampled to this frequency.

Around the DAC are measures to reduce jitter through the use of a proprietary, discrete master clock, in conjunction with the patented Sabre32 sample rate converter to address time domain errors (jitter) from all digital input sources.

External ‘analogue domain’ induced artefacts caused by RF breakthrough, PSU coupling and so on will affect the DAC’s ultimate sonic performance. Audiolab has used its CATDA (Cascaded Asynchronous Time Domain Attenuator) circuit to try to combat this.

The Audiolab 8300CD also features user-selectable digital filters in addition to the more conventional types for easy comparison. These filter settings allow the user to tune the player’s performance to suit

the user’s preference, depending on system configuration, digital file quality and musical taste. There are also a plethora of reservoir/smoothing capacitors, regulator chips and discrete transistor (instead of op-amp) analogue stages at the output.

The power supply incorporates thirty-four regulated supply rails including fourteen ultra-low-noise regulators, with extensive measures against power supply contamination and cross-coupling.

The new release also provides an updated external design, with softened lines plus a full digital preamp functionality to the 8200CD’s spec, with adjustable volume level and source selection accessible via the player’s front panel and remote handset.

This means that the 8300CD can be connected directly to a stereo power amp or a pair of monoblocks, as well as to a traditional integrated amp.

The new player does away with the loading tray and introduces a new mechanism that includes slot loading. The new mech also reduces the occurrence of disc rejection, able to play CDs that the 8200CD/CDQ might have rejected because of dirt or damage, while increased disc stability and reduced susceptibility to resonance are featured.

The asynchronous USB input on the 8200CD/CDQ was compatible with PCM data up to 24bit/96kHz. The new 8300CD processes data up to 32bit/384kHz via USB.

The USB input now also accepts DSD files. Accordingly, the filter section now includes four extra filters for DSD playback.

Connectivity options have been further expanded with the addition of an AES/EBU digital input and XLR digital output. These join the full complement of inputs/outputs retained from the 8200CD.

The Audiolab 8300CD is available in a choice of silver or black for £999.95.

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