Audio Sanctuary exclusively stocks the Hybrid-AMT oBravo EAMT-1

3rd September 2016


It calls the oBravo EAMT-1 the world’s most expensive earphone (that’s earphone, not headphone, folks) but there is no doubt that the EAMT-1 is the flagship model and that it features a Hybrid-AMT drive unit developed by oBravo, (who created the world’s first Hybrid-Planar headphone).

oBravo has now miniaturised the technique for earphones. A coaxial design (two driver types combined in one unit), the configuration features an implementation of Air Motion Transformer tweeters with Neodymium Dynamic Drivers. That is, an 8mm AMT with a 10mm NDD.

eamt-1c (3) small

The AMT diaphragm is made of a Mylar ribbon bonded with conductive aluminium strips. It is equivalent, says the company, in surface area to a conventional 178mm cone-type mid-range driver but is accordion-folded down to a compact 38mm grouping for point-source dispersion. The low-mass diaphragm is suspended within a dipole magnetic field concentrating an intense field around said diaphragm. When signal current passes through the aluminium strips, the ensuing bellow-like motion of the folded pleats moves air five times faster than with a conventional cone driver.

eamt-1c (2) small

The chassis is hand-crafted from Precision-Ceramic and features ‘Comply’ ear-tips, weighs in at 35g and is compatible with a range of smartphones, portable audio players and electronic devices. the earphones arrive with a balanced 2.5mm cable connection option.

The EAMT-1 is available now for £3,699, exclusively though Audio Sanctuary.

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