Audio Music AMR-T3 Pre-Amplifier: One Job, Three Boxes

3rd May 2017

A Single Ended approach, the R-T3 preamp is a dual mono design, from the transformers, power supply to the voltage regulation, “…all completely separated to avoid noise and cross talk. We use a large number of high value U-Cap copper foil capacitors…the output transformers bandwidth will extend from 15 HZ to 120KHZ,” said the company


The R-T3 utilises transformers for volume attenuation (featuring 33 steps), it also employs another two transformers for the signal output and two more for power supplies.


The new audio circuit is all valve, Class-A, with zero feedback, utilising a total of four long-life valves (two 6H30 as the drivers and two 6922 as the amplifiers).


The power supply in the R-T3 is also dual mono. The main power transformer, is used to power the audio circuit and Mosfets, used for both the voltage stabilisation and for a constant current supply. Price is around £8,000.


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