ATLAS EOS MODULAR power distribution unit

2nd March 2015

This power distribution unit (I reviewed the 4-way model)  features star wiring on each outlet. Shielded against RFI/EMI, the weighty steel chassis includes a plug-in mains cable. Three of the four connectors are symmetrically filtered.

Spinning Porcupine Tree’s Lightbulb Sun on my Densen B-475 CD player, I initially isolated the block itself by plugging a household black cable into the Atlas chassis and the Densen into an unfiltered plug, the EOS displayed calming vocals upon a magnificently wide soundstage, a prominent piano sequence and bass guitar that showed admirable clarity and gravitas. Yet transients were dull, woolly and lacking in sharpness and midrange/treble was lacklustre.

Swopping the household mains cable for the supplied Atlas cable and the Densen, into a filtered socket, produced a solid, measured performance. Upper mids and treble exhibited great control. Though the extended midrange and treble frequencies were restrained, bass did remain characterful, if lacking presence while the immediacy of the drum strike was subdued.

Moving the Densen from a filtered to unfiltered socket, produced open and airy vocals, impressively complex guitar strumming, informative upper mid frequency response and a 3D-like soundstage, rich in detail. Bass drum slam was tough and expressive.

The same results occurred via my Origin Live Sovereign turntable and Ella Fitzgerald’s Sweet And Slow. Filtered music produced a rather claustrophobic atmosphere, passive bass and artificially intimate vocals while the unfiltered variant saw Ella’s voice as smooth and sensuous with a touch of reverb while the backing orchestra provided complexity and engagement.

The EOS Modular is not for general use but remains a valuable tool to solve a problem: when unruly mains systems, full of spikes and wayward frequencies, hamper sonic enjoyment. If you are braving such a source then this Atlas system demands a home demo because it will instil stability and order on your music. 


Price: £395

Tel: 0800 731 1140