ASB-1 antistatic brush from Furutech 

18th December 2018

The new ASB-1 antistatic brush is an upgrade on the earlier SK-III to remove unwanted static charge from CDs and vinyl records

Apparently the older model, the SK-III, was a big hit with the Japanese Police Force in crime scene investigations, thanks to its reliability and effectiveness in removing tiny dust particles and static interference. You learn something new even day, eh?

ASB-1 antistatic brush from Furutech 

The new ASB-1 is a static eliminating brush created for both audio and audio-visual applications. Its fibres feature COREBRID B, developed by Mitsubishi. The core of the fibres is formed from high-density, carbon-based, highly conductive particles, “While conventional antistatic brushes attract static charge to cling to the fibres’ surface (where they can potentially be discharged back onto your media), the ASB-1 conducts static charge away through the core of the fibres for a more effective result. The static charge is trapped and forced to ground,” said the company.

ASB-1 antistatic brush from Furutech 

The surface of the COREBRID B fibres is an abrasion-resistant outer sheath which makes them extremely durable. Price is £140.

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