Artnovion’s Acoustic Aesthetics: the High End Collection

21st August 2016

Artnovion creates acoustic panels. Their High End collection is designed for residential and commercial properties to audio performance

Simple to install and with a selection of multi-dimensional finishes, Artnovion’s latest collection is ideal for home owners, architects and interior designers who are looking for visual effects. The range of panels include absorbers, bass traps and diffusers.

The panels offer soundproofing by controlling sound levels and shaping the way sound interacts within the room.


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Artnovion has created an acoustics app called Impulso, which is designed to help users tune their rooms without requiring specialist training. Room measurement is carried out in a few steps via the software’s interface. Configure the sound levels, and click ‘Go!’ for immediate results. As well as measuring the room, the app allows you to pick your desired Artnovion products and then it automatically simulates how the room’s acoustics will improve, showing a reverberation time graph.

For those who might be interested, I thought that I’d also include some general technical background fro Artnovion, to give you an idea of the company approach to their technology.

“Our perception of sound is a result of the interaction of multiple sound waves, that reflect over our environment, and interaction between sound waves themselves.

“When we hear a sound in a room, the first wave that reaches you is the direct wave. As the name indicates, this wave has not interacted with the room, as it is directly from the emission source. Next, you will hear the first reflections, that normally only reflect once. We call this a first order reflection. Then, we perceive other reflections that are the result of numerous reflection from multiple surfaces. These reflection can be 2nd, 3rd or 4th orders, depending on the damping materials of the room.



“The air velocity of sound is 344 m/s. The reflected waves travel a longer path, taking longer to reach the listener. This can create an echo effect, in which we perceive two distinct sounds, caused by a time distinction of over 80ms.

“Reverberation time is our indicator of sound decay in the room. By definition, it’s the necessary time for sound energy to decrease by 60dB.

The acoustic quality of a space is dependant of various factors: It can be related to the homogeneousity and non-homogeneousity of the sound field, and the quantity of energy in the room. These factors are engineered in accordance with the purpose of the room.

“At Artnovion we have many ways of improving acoustics. Absorption, where we remove energy from the room, reducing or eliminating reflections or through diffusion, where we scatter incoming waves, distributing their energy over a larger area.

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