Aramis Acoustic Hermosa active speaker system

22nd January 2017

Bit of a shopping list, this one, so bear with me: the system comprises a Hermosa speaker system (weighing 140kg in total) of a pair of speakers, a pair of woofer towers (weighing 200kg), a pair of solid aluminium amplifier enclosures (thick too with 10mm thick walls) containing eight pieces of ncore-based High End D-class monoblock amplifiers and eight SMPS power supplies from Hypex

So that means a driver total of: a ribbon tweeter, two 203mm midrange cones, two 305mm woofers and three 457mm woofers.


There’s also a DSP housing and 8-channel system within, 24 speaker cables for the drivers (that is, each speaker driver has its own cable pair for ‘+ and -‘). No soldering is included within.

The midrange and treble cables feature pure silver wiring but pure gold is an option, so I hear. For the woofers, you’ll find pure OFC copper wire inside.


PTFE tubing and merino wool covers are found around the wires in all cables.

All cables have solid American black walnut termination grips.


In addition to that lot are eight interconnects with Furutech RCA plugs on both ends. Again, there’s no soldering here. Wire material is 6N purity silver in four  pieces and 4N purity gold in four pieces. PTFE tubing and merino wool cover is found around the wires in all cables. No price as yet.


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