Allegri Preamplifier From Townshend 

4th November 2019

Featuring 129 0.5dB steps, the Allegri Reference is remote-controlled, wired with point-to-point ‘Fractal-Wire’ throughout and suspended on Seismic Isolation

The winding of each transformer comprises, said the company, “…a single, unbroken, 260m (845 feet) length of 0.1mm (42SWG) Fractal wire, looped out 48 times around 48 pins, which are connected directly to the reed-relay pins.

“A short run of Fractal wire connects each of the signal in, signal out and ground, between the input/output connector board and each transformer, relay board.”

Allegri Preamplifier From Townshend 

The Allegri Reference is a microprocessor-controlled, passive, reed relay switched Auto-transformer Volume Control (AVC) pre-amplifier.

It has a LED display.

The brightness of the display is controlled by an ambient light level sensor, so that the display is optimally readable when viewed in either bright light or total darkness.

Display on/off is switchable by the remote control.

The decimal point, on the input channel-display, flashes with each input from the remote.

This function is still active when the display is blanked. 

Allegri Preamplifier From Townshend 

The amplifier features five stereo phono inputs and two pairs of balanced XLRs. 

The XLRs are in parallel with inputs 1 and 2. 

There is a 3.5mm jack socket, on the front panel, in parallel with input five. 

The left-hand front rotary control selects the inputs, 1 to 5.

If the control is pressed, it toggles the volume level display, between numerals (1-129) or decibels (0 to -72.7).

The right-hand control adjusts the volume.

When pressed, the sound is muted. 

Allegri Preamplifier From Townshend 

For output, it has two sets of stereo phonos and one pair of balanced XLRs.

The case and isolating feet are made of anodised aluminium and are available in either a natural silver or black finish.

Out now, the pre-amp is priced at £8,000.

To learn more, call 020 8979 2155 or click

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