Adagio 3-Ways From Black Rhodium

31st October 2019

Black Rhodium has announced three Adagio-based cables connecting RCA to USB C, 3.5mm and Lightning

Including a propriety AD/DA chip the Adagio variants are available for all Android devices with USB-C connectivity.

Also for iPhone from 5 right through to the latest 11 models.

Adagio 3-Ways From Black Rhodium

Available in one, three, five and 10 metres, the cables use silver-plated conductors.

They also feature PTFE low loss insulation with an outer diameter of 3.15mm.

Adagio 3-Ways From Black Rhodium

Prices? Each cable variant costs £160 for 1m…

…all the way up to £340 for 10m.

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