A5 Three-Way Speakers From Magico

11th December 2019

The new A5 incorporates the company’s first 127mm midrange driver as well as enhanced midrange and bass driver cone technology

The three-way, five-driver floorstanding A5 speaker retains such Magico hallmarks as extensively cross-braced 6061 aircraft grade (Is it ever anything else, nowadays?) aluminium and Elliptical Symmetry Crossover.

A5 Speaker From Magico

The midrange also incorporates a Graphene carbon fibre sandwich cone. A new foam surround helps achieve cone/surround integration.

The all-new motor system uses a pure Titanium voice coil.

The tweeter incorporates a pure beryllium-diaphragm with a 28mm dome. Magico encases the customised neodymium motor system in a back chamber.

A5 Speaker From Magico

The A5 will be “the first product in the world” to offer Mundorf’s new M-Resist Ultra foil resistors.

The 3-way network features a 24 dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley filter that, “…maximises frequency bandwidth while preserving phase linearity and minimising intermodulation distortion,” sad the company.

A5 Speaker From Magico

Finished in brushed black anodised aluminium, the loudspeaker will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2020. 

Price per pair is £24,998. 

For more information, call 020 8971 3909 or click www.absolutesounds.com

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