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A30-R Amplifier From Puresound

The Puresound A30 integrated amplifier has been in continuous production for 13 years. This year sees its revision to the new A30-R standard

A30-R Amplifier From Puresound

The basic architecture of a 30W amplifier based on push pull configured 6550 output pentodes biased into Class A remains unchanged. However, the single power transformer has been replaced by two separate transformers; one for the valve rectified and choke smoothed HT supply, the other for the filaments, “Overall this allows for cooler operation and a lower noise floor,” said the company.

A30-R Amplifier From Puresound

The output transformer design has also been refined with improved lamination material and a different winding arrangement, “…yielding wider bandwidth,” said the company.

A30-R Amplifier From Puresound

The A30-R features a motorised volume control and remote control with the option to mute via the handset.

A30-R Amplifier From Puresound

The amplifier also now carries four pairs of line level inputs rather than the usual three. Switching between Ultra Linear had Triode operation has been retained, though.

A30-R Amplifier From Puresound

The output transformers feature 4 and 8 Ohm taps to allow optimal matching with most loudspeakers. Price is £1899.95.

A30-R Amplifier From Puresound

To learn more, call 01822 612449 or click www.puresound.info

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