11th April 2024

I recently received a direct question, an email, via this website’s Contact section, from a gentleman named Robert Rosengart about analogue affairs….

And I replied to the good man himself but my reply bounced back. Three times. So Robert, if you’re out there? I’m sorry to go public but it appears to be the only way to reach you and I hate letting my readers down so, to remind you, here’s your questions:

Have you done a:
1. Ortofon Blue review
2. Ortofon Blue vs Sumiko Ranier
3. U-turn Orbit special vs Project Evo Carbon

And my less than adequate answers were:

Firstly? Here’s my Rainier review: https://theaudiophileman.com/rainier-cartridge-review-sumiko/

No, never reviewed the Blue, at least formally, but I’m familiar with it. I’d say it’s opposite in sonic personality to the Rainier. So check the review link above and see the Blue as being opposite to my thoughts in the Sound Quality section.

What may also help? Check out the end of this review for more comments on the Blue: https://theaudiophileman.com/e4-cartridge-from-goldring/

I’ve never reviewed the U-Turn turntables because I’m in the UK and the company has zero presence here, I’m afraid. Hence, it’s thought to grab review samples.
Hope that helps, even just a little but Robert. Sorry your question couldn’t be answered sooner.