6000A Play streaming amp from Audiolab

1st July 2020

The 6000A Play takes the circuitry from the 6000A stereo amplifier and marries it with the streaming architecture of the 6000N Play

The 6000A Play’s Wi-Fi networking is powered by DTS Play-Fi: an app-controlled platform capable of streaming hi-res music up to 24bit/192kHz.

6000A Play streaming amp from Audiolab

The free Play-Fi app (available for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices, Windows PCs and Apple and Android smartwatches) includes Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, Deezer, Qobuz, HDtracks, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and SiriusXM and is able to serve up a streaming library stored on any DLNA-compatible NAS drive or media server on the same home network.

6000A Play streaming amp from Audiolab

Playlists and radio stations can be assigned as shortcut ‘presets’ within the app, while Works With Alexa support enables voice-controlled playback when the 6000A Play is paired with any Amazon Alexa-equipped device.

6000A Play streaming amp from Audiolab

Users can play directly from the Spotify app thanks to Spotify Connect and stream from smartphones and tablets without connecting to the local Wi-Fi network using aptX Bluetooth.

Four stereo RCA inputs – three line-level and one MM phono input are included. There are five digital inputs, too as well as an Ethernet port.

6000A Play streaming amp from Audiolab

The 6000A Play’s digital stage incorporates the ES9018K2M DAC chip from the Sabre32 Reference family.

6000A Play streaming amp from Audiolab

The 6000A Play’s Class AB power amp sports a discrete circuit design and delivers 50W per channel into 8 Ohms.

According to the company, “Much effort has gone into the physical layout of the 6000A Play’s circuitry, protecting the sensitive preamp section from noise interference.”

User-selectable modes enable separation of the preamp and power amp stages – so, for example, the 6000A Play can operate as a power amp connected to a separate preamp or processor, or as a streaming DAC/preamp to feed an external power amp. 

Other features include a built-in headphone amp with dedicated current-feedback circuitry. 

The 6000A Play is available from late July in a choice of silver or black, at £799.

To learn more, click www.audiolab.co.uk