Miyajima announces Madame with bamboo cantilever

21st January 2016

Madake is the Japanese term for a particular species of bamboo, Giant Timber Bamboo, often used in various types of traditional Japanese craftsmanship but now quite rare.

The cantilever for Miyajima’s new cartridge, rather than being made from the usual metal (e.g. aluminium, boron) or crystalline solid (e.g. ruby, sapphire or diamond), is fashioned from this specific bamboo. It’s light in weight but rigid.

Unlike metals and stones which contain small inherent resonances, bamboo has excellent natural damping properties. The Madake’s cantilever is not 100% bamboo, though, it’s fitted with a short aluminium shaft, to which is attached the Shibata stylus.

Like all Miyajima stereo cartridges, the Madake’s generator system features a patented Miyajima cross-ring design in which the cantilever fulcrum and coils are exactly positioned in the centre of the magnetic field. All of which is housed in an African Blackwood body. Price is £3,750.

For more information, call 01803 833 366 or click on www.miyajima-lab.co.uk