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432 Evo’s 432 Plug-In Now In UK

Belgium-based 432 Evo is now partnered with Whole Note Distribution

432 Evo who produce servers operate, :…in bit perfect mode, as well as using…exclusive 432 tuning plug-in. Tuning frequency has gradually risen through the years, and has resulted in arguably a sharper and less relaxed sound. The 432 plug-in resolves this by tuning back to the lower pitch of 432Hz,” said the company. 

432 Evo’s 432 Plug-In Now In UK

The range starts at £2,150 with their standard model featuring a 2TB SSD (made especially for the UK) with ROON pre-installed. 

432 Evo’s 432 Plug-In Now In UK

Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify and Internet Radio are all supported.

432 Evo’s 432 Plug-In Now In UK

At the top of the range The Master features a specially tuned Linux Kernel as well as a custom designed off-board PSU. 

To learn more, click www.wholenotedistribution.co.uk or call 0203 911 5549.

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