Queen: Rarities & Collectables via YouTube

4th December 2019

A new episode in the Going Grey series, Paul Rigby looks at rarities and collectables for Queen

There’s a thriving music industry out there that deals in releases that sail close to the wind, in legal terms, they’re known as ‘grey’ releases.

Some of these producers find any loophole they can to stay on the right side of the law and others cross that line but rely on tiny production numbers in the hope of avoiding notice by the big companies.

Nevertheless, such releases are often intriguing, sometimes innovative and generally are of interest to music fans who will, more than likely, have legally bought the entire catalogue (possibly on more than one occasion) of their beloved musical heroes.

It’s a touchy subject and a debate maybe I should investigate in a future article but, for now, here’s eight Queen LPs that do stay on the right side of the law because they exploit old FM radio broadcasts for their music sources…

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To see the video, click below…