2go and 2yu From Chord Electronics

14th February 2020

The 2go caters for twin 2TB-rated SD card slots. The combo 2go and 2yu means you have a standalone streamer/server, to be used with any compatible DAC or digital-input device. All on battery power

2go supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and A2DP Bluetooth plus wired (Gigabit) Ethernet.

2go and 2yu From Chord Electronics


Tidal, Qobuz and Internet radio playback with Spotify (and others) are earmarked for the future. 

2go and 2yu From Chord Electronics

2go is also Roon Ready, offers gapless audio and DoP/Bit Perfect support, as well as being fully DLNA-compliant (server/renderer) and AirPlay-ready. 

2go and 2yu From Chord Electronics

The 2go provides an auto-switching input function: every audio interface is always on, therefore switching between inputs is as easy as hitting ‘play’ on the chosen control point app.

2go and 2yu From Chord Electronics

; 2go convenience-switches between all its inputs automatically, giving a seamless user experience when playing music from different sources or even streaming services.

2go and 2yu From Chord Electronics

Based around a triple-core audio processor, the 2go includes micro-USB charging of the internal batteries, a power on/status/battery/network indicator and an IR window.

An internal voice engine also allows for audible status information. 

Set-up is via Chord Electronics’ Gofigure configuration app which is also being upgraded and streamlined for Android users. The updated version (due early 2020) will feature simplified, operation, a new Wi-Fi configuration option plus a new Bluetooth LE configuration option. 

2yu connects directly to 2go to add TOSLINK optical S/PDIF, coaxial and BNC (both 75 ohms) digital outputs plus an integrated USB-A output. 

2yu alone can also be used with PCs and Macs via USB to create a USB-to-digital-audio convertor for audio. 

Like the Hugo 2, 2yu features four polychromatic spherical controls governing output selection, power, mute and dim functions. 


2go £995 (available now); 2yu £449 (February/March); the Hugo 2 is priced at £1,800.

To learn more, click www.chordelectronics.co.uk 

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