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    SL-1210GAE Limited Edition From Technics

    There will be 700 all-black SL-1210GAE 55th, badged anniversary models released into Europe (1,000 in all) complete with a unique “tuned” JT-1210 cartridge from Nagaoka Based on the Grand Class SL-1200G,…

  • Hifi News

    Ottava SC-C30 wireless speaker From Technics  

    Technics has announced the Ottava SC-C30 wireless speaker system, a more compact version of the Ottava SC-C50, the new model includes an aluminium top panel. The arc form has been included to, “…help…

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    SL-G700 Grand Class Network From Technics

    The SL-G700 covers a variety of media from CD/SACD to high-res and many streaming services Technics is not just about turntables. It has also announced a high-end CD player with all…

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    SL-1500C Turntable from Technics

    The SL-1500C semi-automatic…just pause there for a sec, done that? OK carry on…Technics turntable includes a coreless direct drive motor a built-in phono amplifier and Ortofon 2M Red cartridge I never thought I’d…

  • Hifi News

    SL-1210MK7 Turntable From Technics

    The new model inherits the traditional design while adding a coreless direct drive motor and reverse playback. The SL-1210MK7 is launched as the first new standard DJ turntable in approximately nine…

  • Show Reports


    Company: Technics Product: SL-1000R turntable with integrated outer plinth and arm In this report from the recent Sound & Vision 2018 Show in Bristol, Paul Rigby talks to Technics’ Jonathan Danbury…

  • Hifi News

    Technics Ottava Forte: compact sound system

    A new all-in-one offering CD, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi playback Using five internal loudspeakers, the Ottava Forte uses acoustic lenses in front of the speakers to “…further distribute and disperse sound across all…

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