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    Lots of news for you, this time around focusing on CD players, all-in-one systems, amplifiers and more! To see this video, click: [Want to stay up-to-date with The Audiophile Man’s published…

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    TN-3B Turntable From TEAC

    The TN-3B is a belt-drive turntable featuring a built-in MM phono amplifier (NJM8080 op-amp) and USB digital output The TN-3B includes a new S-shaped tonearm with knife-edge, pivot-point bearings, co-developed with…

  • Hifi News

    TN-4D Direct Drive Turntable From Teac

    The twin-speed TN-4D is a new direct-drive turntable using a newly-developed brushless DC servo motor plus “…crystal-locked speed stability and smoother rotation while also eliminating cogging,” said the company There’s also…

  • Hifi News

    AX-505 integrated amplifier From Teac

    Based upon a TEAC-tuned Ncore module by Hypex, the 115W + 115W output is packed into a A4-sized chassis, the amplifier uses MUSES8920 op-amps and an independent resistor ladder-type volume control…

  • Hifi News

    W-1200 Double Cassette Deck From TEAC

    The W-1200 is a double cassette deck featuring two, one-way cassette decks, mic mixing and a USB digital output  It allows you to play back “legacy cassette tapes” originally recorded with…

  • Hifi News

    TEAC HA-P5 mobile headphone amplifier adds dsd

    Made in TEAC’s own factory in Tokyo, the HA-P5 portable headphone amplifier (made of aluminium alloy and weighing just 182g) works with iOS and Android-based devices and delivers playback up to DSD 5.6MHz…

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    Teac PD-301 CD Player…With Added Radio

    TEAC has launched an all-aluminium alloy construction compact disc player with a built-in DAB/RDS FM tuner A compact model, it measures just 215 x 61 x 232mm. The PD-301 is the latest addition…

  • Hifi News

    TEAC release two DAC units

    TEAC has released two DAC units, each with added features. The follow-up to 2014’s UD-501 model, the UD-503 is a USB DAC/headphone amplifier that retains its predecessor’s dual-mono architecture and incorporates a headphone amplifier with balanced/unbalanced outputs.…

  • Hifi News

    TEAC TN-200 entry-level, belt-drive turntable

    TEAC has introduced a new entry-level, belt-drive turntable. The TN-200 (available in any colour you like as long as it’s black) includes a built-in preamp providing line-outs and a USB out.…

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