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    TD Series speakers From Raidho in UK

    The Danish company’s top end speakers feature a new Raidho ribbon tweeter The new TD Series (Tantalum-Diamond, Tantalum is a rare metal) includes a brand new, upgraded version of the Raidho…

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    TD2.2 Speakers From Raidho 

    Raidho’s TD2.2 speakers features a new, in-house developed, in-house built, patented driver. The drivers use a new 5-layer Tantalum-Diamond cone with, “…higher inner damping and a new, proprietary, edge wound titanium…

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    TD1.2 speakers From Raidho Acoustics

    Raidho’s new TD1.2 might look similar to the D-series but everything inside the enclosure has been changed, using new designs and technology For example, Raidho has released a new, in-house developed…

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    Raidho X-5 and XT-5: a flagship design

    XT-5 speakers pair the Raidho Ribbon Tweeter with six Ceramix drive units and a new Titanium/Ceramic sandwich membrane “We started by taking our existing three-layer aluminium/ceramic sandwich and on each side,” said…

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