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    2M Black LVB 250 From Ortofon

    Ortofon has announced its new flagship moving magnet cartridge, the 2M Black LVB 250 (three guesses what the letters stand for…) The 2M Black LVB 250 draws inspiration from the Cadenza Black…

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    ST-70 step-up transformer From Ortofon

    This new dual mono unit features Lundahl transformers, surrounded by a specialised mu-metal shielding Just a brief news item on this one. Reportedly, the ST-70 has been engineered using, “…an industrial-grade PCB.”…

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    MC A Mono cartridge from Ortofon 

    The MC A Mono betrays design elements from the MC A 95 cartridge and has been created using Ortofon’s SLM technique where fine particles of Titanium are welded together, layer-by-layer, to…

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    Super OM 5E Cartridge From Ortofon

    The Super OM 5E has an improved generator system compared to the standard OM 5E The improvements within the OM Series continue but now push towards the upper limits of its…

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    MC Anna Diamond From Ortofon 

    …is not a rapper but a flagship cartridge updated and now part of the Exclusive Series of moving coils. First released in 2012, the new MC Anna moving coil cartridge uses a…

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    Pick-IT S2 and Pick-IT DS2 From Pro-Ject 

    The two new cartridges are available only when supplied on one of Pro-Ject’s turntables The new models have been designed and voiced by Pro-Ject Audio Systems but made at Ortofon’s facility…

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    Stylus 2M 100 From Ortofon

    Henley Audio has announced two special edition Stylus 2M styli for the Ortofon 2M range of moving magnet cartridges Ortofon has unveiled the Stylus 2M Bronze 100 and Stylus 2M Black…

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    MC Century celebrate Ortofon’s 100 years

    To celebrate the historical landmark of the company’s 100 anniversary, it has announced the MC Century limited edition cartridge  The housing of the MC Century is made using Ortofon’s SLM technique.…

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