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    Orchard Audio has announced the release of PecanPi DAC, Streamer, and Streamer Ultra Rev 3.0 The Pecan Pi major update for rev 3.0 devices is the addition of a S/PDIF (coax)…

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    Starkrimson 500W Modules From Orchard

    The Starkrimson Ultra Amp Modules offer up to 500W (RMS) from the previously available 150W So what do you get? The Starkrimson amps are fully balanced from input to output. Differential and single-ended…

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    BOSC Amplifier From Orchard

    The BOSC is a new monoblock amplifier that utilises gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology  BOSC is compact, designed and manufactured in the United States and is, “…DC coupled for response down…

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    GALA DAC From Orchard Audio

    Orchard Audio has announced GALA, in all of its upper case glory. This DAC includes a preamplifier Based on Burr-Brown technology, the DAC is a follow on to Orchard Audio’s ApplePi…

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