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    AirPlay 2 Firmware Update For Onkyo

    Onkyo has announced a firmware update that will add Apple AirPlay 2 capabilities to selected AV products This update spans the TX-RZ5100 AVR released in 2016 to the TX-NR686 model released…

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    Onkyo RZ Receivers: TX-RZ730 & TX-RZ830 

    New out are the Onkyo 9.2 channel receivers that offer 175W per channel and 180W per channel, respectively These THX-Certified Select A/V Onkyo receivers are equipped with 11.2-multichannel pre-outs and processing…

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    Firmware Updates: Pioneer XDP-30R & Onkyo DP-S1

    USB-OTG functionality has now been added to both devices which allows them to also function as a Digital Playback Source/Transport when used with suitable external Digital To Analogue converters, amplifiers/speakers with…

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    Onkyo 7.2-Channel TX-NR676E Network A/V Receiver

    The 160W TX-NR676E features a host of features and connectivity options, all based upon Dynamic Audio Amplification to produce high current through low impedance and original non-phase-shift amp circuitry You’ll find…

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    Iron Maiden and Onkyo reveal Ed-Ph0n3s.

    Metal legends Iron Maiden and Onkyo have revealed the name of their new on-ear headphone collaboration: Ed-Ph0n3s. Earlier this year a visual mock-up of the headphones was displayed on Maiden’s iconic…

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    Onkyo TX-RZ900 and TX-RZ800 network A/V receivers

    Onkyo has announced two Dolby Atmos-enabled and DTS:X-ready TX-RZ900 and TX-RZ800 7.2-channel network A/V receivers. The TX-RZ900 employs a hand-wound, high-current Toroidal transformer (TX-RZ800 features a EI transformer) to power original three-stage inverted Darlington amplifier circuitry.…

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    Onkyo announces three home entertainment packages

    Onkyo has announced three home entertainment packages: the Dolby Atmos-ready 7.1-channel A/V receiver (TX-SR444); Dolby Atmos A/V receiver and speaker package (HT-S5805) and a stand-alone Dolby Atmos 5.1.2-channel speaker system (SKS-HT588). Slotting between the…

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