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    PRA-9X preamplifier From NuPrime [INFO SNACK]

    A fully balanced preamplifier, the PRA-9X also offers a MM phono input and 6.3mm headphone output  Inside, you’ll find a MUSES8820 bipolar-input dual op-amp module. Inputs include that phono amplifier, two…

  • YouTube News

    HiFi NEWS: 13 JUNE 2022 ON YOUTUBE

    Lots of news for you, this time around including turntables, cartridges, amplifiers, speakers, you name it! Includes news from Pro-Ject, Dynaudio, Audio-Technica, Arylic, Jico, The Wand, Nuprime and more! [Want to stay…

  • Amplifier Review

    IDA-8 Amplifier From NuPrime

    A small footprint integrated amplifier, Paul Rigby finds a niche for the IDA-8    It’s a wee thing. The IDA-8 weighs in at 4.3kg (around 9.5lb) and spans just 235 x…

  • Hifi News

    Nuprime UDSD: USB-powered portable DAC

    The American-based company has released a  USB-powered portable DAC and headphone amp. It is capable of decoding sample rates ranging from 44.1kHz to 384kHz (PCM) as well as native DSD decoding…

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