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    Kimber Kable’s Carbon Speaker Cables

    The Carbon 18XL speaker cable features a braided construction, a non-twisted parallel straight run of conductors and eight 19.5AWG conductors, braided around an inner microwave-cured neoprene core Situated within the core…

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    Carbon Speaker Cables From Kimber

    Kimber has now announced the Carbon 8 and Carbon 16 loudspeaker cables  As with the interconnect cable, the speaker cable features an electrostatically dissipative carbon polymer between the Teflon dielectric and…

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    Carbon Interconnect From Kimber Kable

    Russ Andrews is introducing the Kimber Carbon Interconnect cable, the first in a number of Carbon Series products that refers to the, “…electrostatically dissipative carbon polymer used between the Teflon dielectric…

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    PBJ Interconnect Cabling is Back

    Kimber Kable is 40 years old this year. To mark the occasion, Russ Andrews is introducing a one-off, limited-edition version of Kimber’s PBJ analogue interconnect The strictly limited-edition cable includes the…

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    Kimber Axios USB cable from Russ Andrews

    The Axios USB is a 2.0 format USB cable which has been designed from the ground up, reflecting, “particular care and attention being paid to the shielding of the data and…

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