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    PSU-10 Evo From Gold Note 

    Gold Note has announced the launch of the PSU-10 EVO, the new external power supply designed for the DS-10 and DS-10 PLUS streaming DACs Available in black, silver and gold, it sports aluminium…

  • YouTube Reviews

    Valore 425 Plus on YouTube

    Rather striking in aesthetic terms, Paul Rigby reviews this Italian, midrange, belt-driven turntable from Gold Note This lower midrange design arrives in a variety of finishes… I selected the see-through acrylic…

  • Hifi News

    PA-10 Power Amplifier From Gold Note 

    PA-10 is Gold Note’s newest stereo power amplifier dedicated to the Series 10 product line Built around a steel chassis plus panels of aluminium to, “…avoid RFI and EMI,” the PA-10…

  • Hifi News

    Metallic Finishes For Gold Note Decks

    The top of the line Gold Note turntables, the Mediterraneo, Giglio and Valore 425 Plus, are now on offer in special-edition finishes More pictorial than wordy, I suppose, here’s a quick…

  • Hifi News

    DS-10 DAC From Gold Note

    Featuring a modular design, you can attach an external hard disk and USB as music sources and there’s a switchable preamp stage synchronised with the remote control and app The new…

  • Turntable Review

    Valore 425 Turntable Plus From Gold Note

    Ever bold in aesthetic terms, Paul Rigby reviews this Italian midrange turntable  Yes, Gold Note never shirks from its design responsibilities. Especially when that pertains to adding a certain chic effect…

  • Hifi News

    Machiavelli Mk.II Pair From Gold Note

    The new Machiavelli moving coil cartridges feature an “extra rigid cantilever” while the thin and long gold-plated pin connectors are designed to connect “perfectly with arm cinches”, reducing energy dispersion and…

  • Amplifier Review

    PSU-10: Gold Note Power Supply

    Created as an upgrade for the company’s PH-10 phono amplifier, Paul Rigby reviews the PSU-10 Phono amplifiers are one of the most underrated components in hi-fi. Many users see them as…

  • Amplifier Review

    PH-10 Phono Amplifier from Gold Note

    Adding a few wrinkles of its own, Paul Rigby reviews Gold Note’s PH-10 phono amplifier  Possibly one of the least understood and under-estimated components in the entire hi-fi chain, the phono…

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