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    Celestee Headphones From Focal

    Featuring acoustic treatment inside the earcups and a “thermoformed” woven carrying case in colours to match the headphones Focal continue to expand their headphones range with this new announcement. Featuring 40mm magnesium/aluminium,…

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    Focal and Naim have cuddled up to present a range of matched systems that pair Focal speakers with Naim Uniti music-streaming players. All are being sold for a fixed and “special”…

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    System Deals From Focal & Naim

    Naim and Focal are celebrating the 8th anniversary of their merger with a set of matched, lower-priced system deals combining Focal speakers with Naim’s Uniti systems Available throughout September and October,…

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    Chora Speaker Range from Focal 

    Chora replaces the Chorus range and uses Slatefiber, its new bespoke speaker driver alongside a thermoplastic polymer, with non-woven recycled carbon fibres  The Chora line consists of the 826, 816 floorstanders…

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    Astral 16 Receiver From Focal 

    Integrating a Class D Pascal Audio amplifier, Astral 16 has 16 channels, of which 12 are amplified and four are pre-amplified (balanced XLR outputs) and dedicated entirely to audio (filtering, equalisation, bass…

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    Kanta Speakers In Numbers From Focal

    This range of loudspeakers is now made up of four models. They contain the same technologies as Kanta N°2: a speaker driver with flax cone, an IAL 3 Beryllium tweeter that…

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    Focal Grande Utopia EM Evo & Stella Utopia EM Evo

    The speakers feature TMD (Tuned Mass Damping) suspension and the NIC (Neutral Inductance Circuit). The structure of the loudspeaker itself has also been strengthened by the new MRR (Machined Reinforcement Rings)…

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