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    Including items from Arcam, KEF, Aurorasound, McIntosh, Sonus Faber, dCS, Exposure and more! Lots of news for you, this time around. In fact, I have stories focusing on speakers, AV amplifiers, DAC, phono amps,…

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    3510 integrated amplifier From Exposure

    The British brand is focusing on its higher-end series of components with the 3510 integrated amplifier Featuring trickle-down technology from the top-of-range 5010 series, this Class AB 3510 integrated amplifier replaces…

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    Exposure VXN Active Crossover And Power Supply

    Upgrade your speakers to active operation, with Exposure’s new VXN active crossover and VXN power supply While a typical audio system uses one power amplifier channel per loudspeaker, in an active…

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    XM CD Player From Exposure

    The new, top-loading XM CD player that can also be used as a transport. It includes a Burr Brown PCM1716 DAC Arriving with a remote, the XM CD display can be…

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    Exposure’s top-of-range 5010 series features a preamplifier and a pair of mono power amplifiers The new 5010 series features two products: a preamplifier and a pair of mono power amplifiers. Smaller…

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    HP headphone amplifier and DAC from Exposure

    Exposure has released the new HP headphone amplifier in its XM, narrow, half-width series chassis. It also includes a fully featured DAC module A variation of the XM7 preamplifier, the HP…

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    Exposure DAC upgraded to include DSD

    Just a quicky for you. Exposure has upgraded the standard 2012S2 by adding single-rate DSD (DSD x64 or DSD 2.8mHz) to the feature complement, accompanying the 24bit/192kHx PCM support. That’s it,…

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    Exposure 3010S2-D pre-amp upgrade

    British brand, Exposure Electronics, has already released an enhanced ‘D’ edition of its 3010S2 integrated amplifier. Now the preamp has been given the same upgrade. Like its predecessor, the new 3010S2-D…

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