UberLight Flex Light From Reliable

Aimed at vinyl users, the UberLight Flex Light is designed to illuminate the shadows around your turntable Operating from Toronto, Canada Reliable’s UberLight Flex is a LED light on the end of a flexy arm that can be pinned to or stood on a desk or shelf and run off a USB socket. It includes a 270° rotational head, a 650mm sturdy and flexible silicone ‘arm’ and, says the company “Glare-free lighting” lasting round 60,000 hours. It also features, “adjustable colour temperatures”.  The light itself has been aimed at a variety of users from people who sew, apply make-up, for medical purposes, reading and more but Reliable likes to believe that vinyl users could benefit too. How? Everything from highlighting dust before cleaning vinyl to cleaning the stylus itself to making sure you hit the edge of the vinyl record – if the room itself is in low light – and not drop the stylus off the edge.  “All models of the UberLight Flex have been designed to an industrial standard. The long and stiff shaft will absolutely not move and the silicone covered material used is naturally resonant free,” said the company.  With nine different light settings, you can … Continue reading UberLight Flex Light From Reliable