Valore 425 Turntable Plus From Gold Note

Ever bold in aesthetic terms, Paul Rigby reviews this Italian midrange turntable  Yes, Gold Note never shirks from its design responsibilities. Especially when that pertains to adding a certain chic effect to its turntables. As we saw, in my review of the company’s high-end Mediterraneo design, Gold Note is not scared to tread its own artistic path. That goes double for the technical design. So I was looking forward to tackling the Valore 425 Plus and seeing if this design maintained Gold Note’s high standards. In my case I received a turntable based upon a 23mm thick transparent acrylic plinth, supported by three slim, aluminium, triangular feet. The feet you see in the images are a bit like a Hollywood facade, there’s nothing behind them, they’re just bent pieces of plate. I wasn’t a fan for two reasons. Firstly, there’s no levelling option and, in a turntable of this price, that’s unforgivable. Even budget designs offer that facility. Secondly, there’s no sound absorbing material included. Again, for the price, I want to see efforts here. No matter what the final sound in the conclusion below, no matter what the isolating properties of the pointy foot shape and no matter what the … Continue reading Valore 425 Turntable Plus From Gold Note